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Helps parents raise healthy, happy kids through rewarding 4-11 year olds with digital ‘Zap points’ anytime, anywhere!

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Use the app to help improve your child’s:

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Physical Activity

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& Self Esteem

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Healthy Eating

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Mental Toughness
& Resilience

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The App

The Actives Challenge Impact:

  • 56% of parents believed their children had become more aware of the importance of being physically active
  •  56% felt their child had improved in making ‘other’ positive healthy lifestyle choices
  •  44% observed their child had increased their physical activity levels
  •  43% believed their child had improved healthy eating habits
  •  25% observed their child had improved their confidence levels

A digital parenting tool that can be used by any mum or dad anytime, anywhere to help improve your child’s health and behaviour.

The Actives Challenge is a new app that helps parents to educate and engage children in all aspects of their behaviour, health and wellbeing. We all want our kids to grow up to be healthy and happy, but we also know that parenting is a tough job, and it can be hard to keep on top of everything.

That’s why we created The Actives Challenge, to help parents to keep their children physically and emotionally healthy, in a fun and engaging way. It works by letting you and your kids set a weekly target for demonstrating a variety of positive choices, with optional rewards for achieving their goals. Think of it as a star chart on your phone! Kids earn ‘Zap’ points each time they demonstrate positive and healthy behaviours.

It’s totally flexible so you can decide what works best for you and your child.

The app tracks your child’s progress week on week, letting you both see how well they are doing. You even have the option to compare scores with siblings, friends or class mates.

Zap points are captured by scanning the special Zap Band or simply pressing the ‘Zap’ button which is all done quickly and easily in the app. We also have lots of great content and advice for parents on kids’ health and wellbeing, in our Health Zone.

No more charts to stick on the fridge and recreate every week. Let The Actives Challenge take care of everything!

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Our Purpose

Childhood inactivity, obesity and mental health are some of the biggest challenges we face in society. And we want to play our part in doing something about it, which is why we created The Actives Challenge. We exist to empower parents, schools and the wider community to raise healthy, happy kids.

Our Three Core Principles


Content and advice to help parents engage their kids in physical activity, healthy eating, emotional and mental wellbeing.


Making it easy, fun and rewarding for 4-11 year olds to lead healthier lifestyles.


Connecting parents, teachers and the community around childrens health and wellbeing.

About Us

The Actives Team

The Actives is an independent UK company, created by Joel James. A dad of two with a background in sports coaching and fitness, Joel is passionate about helping all parents to raise healthy, happy kids.

Joel started The Actives in 2016, with the idea of using technology to give parents help and support with getting children to be physically active, eat healthily, make good lifestyle choices, develop self-confidence and mental resilience.

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